What is a Memory card

What is a Memory card? What are the benefits of a memory card? What is a memory card used for? By the way, everyone must have used it. But if you are thinking of buying a new memory card, then you have to keep some things in mind. So in this post, you will read about the memory cards, then to get complete information about memory cards you should read this post in full.

Memory card You all know how important it is for our mobiles and cameras. "A memory card is also called an SD card". The memory card stores data in which any type of data can be stored such as songs, photos, videos, document files, etc.

You may have used memory cards a lot, but do you know what types of memory cards are there or if you want to buy a new memory card, then you should know which of the following memory cards will work for you Which one does not.

For example, if you have gone to the store to buy a memory card, you ask the shopkeeper to show me a memory card with 2 GB, 4 GB, or 21 GB, but at that time you are looking for classes and types. Don't talk

Types of Memory Card

Basically, the type of memory card is written on top of all the memory cards as to what type of memory card it is and how much data can be stored in it and the details of all these memory cards should be known to the user.

SD Card Type

The type of memory card depends on its storage capacity.

128MB to 4GB - SDSC (Secure Digital Standard Capacity)
4GB to 32GB - SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity)
32GB to 2TB - SDXC (Secure Digital Extended Capacity)

SD Card Class

Just like the type of memory card, there is a class of memory card, you should know which memory card is in your phone or camera.

The price of a memory card depends on its class.

For example, suppose you are buying a memory card and the shopkeeper has shown you two memory cards with a capacity of 32 GB, one memory card will be class 4 and the other memory card will be class 10. So Class 10 memory card would be a lot more expensive than a Class 4 memory card.

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So now the question is what is the memory card class

Class means to read and write speeds in any memory card or SD card. So in simple language, whenever you are sending any data from your computer to the memory card or memory card to the computer. So how long is that file being copied, its speed is called class.

So let's see What will be the speed of memory card class


Which memory card would be perfect for DSLRs or phones
Because many people get confused while buying a memory card which memory card to buy for phone and DSLR.

For Smartphone
So if you want a memory card for general use, like you need for phone usage, you can buy a Class 2 and Class 4 memory card. And if you want to do HD recording from a phone, you can buy a Class 4 or Class 6 memory card.

But if you want to do full HD recording or you want to get a memory card for the camera, then you need to have at least a Class 10 memory card. In addition, you may have noticed that the cameraman always use high-quality memory cards.

If you buy the memory card below class 10 then you will not be able to do full HD recording. So, friends, you must always keep in mind that if you want to do full HD recording or share data, then you should at least buy a Class 10 memory card.

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