What Is An Operating System And How Does It Work?

What is an operating system and how does it work or why is it important for our computer. We are going to know about more such questions in today's post. In today's era, more than 50% of people use computers. This is because earlier the prices of computers used to be very high, whereas in today's time computers are available according to their need. If we talk about a computer, then it is a machine that works through many software and systems. And with all these software and systems we will talk about the operating system. So let's know about it in detail...

What Is An Operating System And How Does It Work

What is an Operating System?

An operating system (OS) is a program that, after being loaded into the computer by the boot program, provides a platform to run any software or application program on the computer. Other software and hardware programs are also operated by the operating system. The operating system plays a huge role in a computer, without an operating system computer is a useless machine.

Types of Operating System 

Different operating systems are used for different tasks. Some of the operating systems that computer users use are also well known:

Apple macOS
Microsoft Windows
Linux Operating System

Operating system requirements

Operating system functions

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