Input And Output Devices Of Computer

We know that our computer is made up of a combination of hardware and software. We have two types of devices in a computer system, input and output devices. And to operate the computer we need these devices. So let's come to this topic "Input and output devices of computer"...

Input And Output Devices Of Computer
Input And Output Devices Of Computer

Input Devices

• Keyboard
• Mouse • JoyStick
• Scanner • Light Pen • Track Ball
• Track Ball • Digitizer • OCR
• OMR • MICR • Bar Code Reader


We all know that the keyboard is an essential part of our computer. The keyboard is an input device, without it we cannot input or type anything on the computer. The keyboard has 104 keys (buttons).

Some Features of the Keyboard

Typing Keys (A-Z)
Numeric Keys (0-9)
Operational Keys (+,-,*,/,%)
Function Keys (F1-F12)
Control Keys (Ctrl, Alt)
Special Purpose Keys (Esc, PrtScr, etc)


A mouse is the most popular input device. You can perform some actions by keyboard using shortcut keys. But mouse is an essential tool for computer users or desktop users. It has user based operational functions,

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