Classification of Computer

The type of computer is divided on various grounds

  1. By application
  2. On the basis of purpose
  3. Based on size and capacity

Classification of Computer
Classification of Computer

1.  There are three types of computers depending on the application.

  • Analog Computer
  • Digital Computer
  • Hybrid Computer

Analog Computer

  • They perform the task of measuring physical quantities such as pressure, temperature, length, and height, etc. and express their results in figures.
  • They are used in the fields of science and engineering because the dimensions are more used in these areas.

Digital Computer

  • A digit means a number, that is, a digital computer is a computer that counts digits.
  • Digital computers have two digits 0 and 1, which is called binary number system, it works on the basis of these numbers. These two digits are called bits.
  • We use digital computers for various applications like education, banking, business entertainment, etc. and nowadays it is also very popular

Hybrid Computer

  • Computers that have characteristics of both analog and digital computers are called hybrid computers.
  • Hybrid computers are mostly used in medicines such as the patient's blood pressure, To measure beats, etc. we first convert analog data into digital data using a hybrid computer and then the result is displayed on the screen in digital form.

2.  Depending on the purpose, there are two types of computers

  • General Purpose Computer
  • Special Purpose Computer

General Purpose Computer

  • Common tasks are done in
  • They are used in shops and homes. Such as writing letters, preparing documents, printing documents, etc.

Special Purpose Computer

  • They are used for special purposes
  • They are used in meteorology, agronomy, war and space etc.

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3.  There are 4 types of computers based on size and capacity.

  • Micro Computer
  • Mini Computer
  • Main Frame Computer
  • Super Computer

Micro Computer

  • This computer is called a microcomputer for two reasons.
  • First this computer uses microprocessor
  • Secondly, this computer is smaller in size than other computers that it can be kept in the study table and briefcase.
  • Their working system is almost like a big computer but they are less than their size.
  • Normally only one person can work on this computer at a time.
  • Microcomputers are also called PCs

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PC is described in the following sections

  1. Desktop Computer
  2. Laptop Computer
  3. Palmtop Computer
  4. Notebook Computer
  5. Tablet Computer

Mini Computer

  • Minicomputers are mid-sized multiprocessing and multiuser computers.
  • These computers are slightly higher in speed and memory than microcomputers. They may have more than one CPU. They are more expensive than microcomputers. 
  • These are computers that are used for server computer work in large companies and government offices.
  • PDP-8 First Mini Computer which was developed in 1975
  • It was built by the DEC company. The full name of DEC is Digital Equipment Corporation.

Main Frame Computer

  • These are computers with higher speed and capacity than minicomputers.
  • These computers are very large in size and have the ability to rapidly process large amounts of data.
  • This computer is used to store data in big companies.
  • Microcomputers are used as clients in these computers
  • A main-frame computer can connect more than a thousand remote workstations with it, its speed is measured on a million instructions in seconds.
  • Examples of mainframe computers are the following - IBM 4381, ICL 39, CDC Cyber, etc.

Super Computer

  • Supercomputers are special types of computers.
  • They are made for special work.
  • It is the fastest and largest computer in the world.
  • Supercomputers have more than one CPU that works in parallel, their speed is measured in the flop(floating point instruction per second).
  • State-of-the-art supercomputers can have Teraflop speeds.
  • These computers are the most expensive

Functions of Supercomputers

  • For space travel
  • For information on meteorology
  • For war

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