What are computers?

What are computers? By the way, who would not have heard the name of a computer in today's time, everyone knows about computer but if you want to understand in better and easier language what is a computer and what are its benefits, then read this post completely Full information related to the computer will be found in the post.

What are computers?
What are computers?

Full-Form of Computer:

C - Commonly
O - Operated
M - Machine
P - Particularly
U - Used for
T - Technical and
E - Educational
R - Research

What are computers?

A computer is a machine that works on certain instructions. It is an electronic device designed to work with information. The word computer is derived from the Latin word "computare", which means to compute calculation. Its main three tasks are to get input data from the user, then to process the data, then to show the resulting data to the user that's Called output.

How Computer Works?

So a computer is an advanced electronic device that takes data from the user as input, then that data is processed by a set of instructions. After processing, the user output is displayed on the monitor screen.

Do you know?
The computer was invented by "Charles Babbage" as he built the first mechanical computer in 1937, also known as an analytics engine. The data was recorded with the help of punch cards.

Parts of computer

A computer is an electronic device made up of a device consisting of various parts. A computer cannot be operated without its parts. All parts of a computer are required to access it.

There are many parts of the computer but only we will read about the main parts of the computer.

Computer parts list

  • Motherboard
  • Central Process Unit
  • SSD or HDD
  • RAM
  • Power Supply

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