Types of Monitor

Today everyone uses computers, everyone has different types of monitors, but those who do not use or want to use computers So it is very important for them to know what is a monitor and what are the types of monitors. If you know more about the monitor then you will be able to buy a good monitor. So let's know what is a monitor and types of monitor.

Types of Monitor
Types of Monitor

What is monitor and types of monitor

A monitor is a type of screen on which we view a scene. The monitor is also called a visual unit. It's like watching television.

The monitor is classified into three parts based on its display colors.
  • Monochrome
  • Gray Scale
  • Colour Monitor

Monochrome: Monochrome is made up of two words. Mono means Single and Chrome means Color. This type of monitor displays the output as black and white.

Gray Scale: This monitor is a special type of monochrome monitor. Which displays the output in various gray shades. Gray-scale monitors are mostly used in hospitals such as X-rays, this monitor is used a lot.

Colour Monitor: Color monitors are used to display graphics in high resolution. These monitors display the output of the RGB variants. All colors are made by mixing RGB color.

Types of Monitor

CRT Monitor   LCD Monitor   LED Monitor

CRT Monitor:  
Most monitors have a picture tube element that is similar to a TV set. This is called tube CRT. CRT technology is cheap and capable of delivering good color output. CRT monitor works on the principle of raster graphics A monochrome monitor emits an electron beam towards its flat surface. The inner phase of the surface consists of phosphorus coating on the surface, which emits light by high-speed electron collisions. Each pixel shines with an electron beam. Electron beam pixels activate the entire screen in Z shape. This z-shaped motion of the electron beam is called a raster.  when a pixel is momentarily flashed and is inactive, Then it's called refresh.

LCD Monitor
It is a flat panel display technique commonly used for TVs and monitors. In addition, these screens are also used in mobile devices. LCD works very differently than CRT monitors. These monitors are not as heavy as CRT monitors, it does not fire electrons on the glass screen. It has a backlight that provides light to all individual pixels arranged in a rectangular grid.

All pixels have RGB with sub-pixel that can be switched on and off. It appears black when subpixels of pixels are off. And when all pixels have sub-pixels turned on, it appears in white. All these individual pixels are mixed with RGB color and become millions of colors.

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