Mobile Display Types

Friends, whenever we go to buy a phone, our focus is usually on the phone's camera, battery, and storage. But we pay no attention to the screen, while the screen is the component we interact with the most. And all our time is spent on the screen, But the technology has become so advanced that we do not understand these words what is IPS LCD, TFT LCD, OLED, AMOLED. So in this post you will read about all these screens, what is this screen after all. we will discuss in this post on Mobile display types.

Smartphone display
Smartphone display

When buying a smartphone, we always have to keep in mind two things, a screen size that you can choose according to how small or big a screen you want. And the other one is PPI that means pixel per inch.


LCD screens have been in use for a long time, when older computers used to be CRTs, which used to be a thick monitor screen LCDs were in use since then. Now, these LCD screens come with TFT LCD, IPS LCD, Super LCD, and many more advanced screens.

IPS LCD (in-plane switching)

IPS display is a very popular screen, this screen can be seen in many phones.
Color reproduction: The color in the IPS LCD is completely accurate as you see with your eyes, the same color is seen in it.
view angle: In this, you can also see the screen rotating at an angle of about 180 degrees. Even if you tilt the video in it or watch it from the top and bottom You can still see the picture in it.
It has been made very slim and it has been attached to the digitizer i.e. when you touch the screen, you feel that the screen you are touching is on the same surface.

Advantage of IPS

Better display
In the IPS display, no color spreads even when you press the screen with your finger
IPS LCD display offers tremendous picture quality

Disadvantage of IPS

IPS displays are more expensive than other displays
Some IPS screens have bad black and contrast ratios
The refresh rate in the IPS display is very slow.
The IPS display consumes 15 percent more battery than other displays

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TFT Display

These displays are very common displays and all older smartphones had thin-film-transistors. Because these displays are much cheaper than other displays. These displays are mostly seen in phones of four thousand to five thousand. The electrodes are used in pixels that are in this display, due to which it does not show good quality and output, due to which you can not see the video or photo of better quality in your mobile.

Advantage of TFT

They are very cheap compared to other displays.
TFT display consumes very less power when using Large screen.
The design of the TFT display is very attractive.

Disadvantage of TFT

This display breaks very easily.
Picture does not appear sharp when tilting the screen.
Color is not much better.

IPS Retina Display

IPS Retina Display This name was given by Apple. Originally Apple used the term retina to increase its market share, but when Apple launched its first retina display iPhone, the pixel density was the highest with 326 PPI. But now the pixel density has increased a lot. IPS retina displays are mostly used on the iPhone, the main thing is that the light emanating from it does not harm the eyes more than any other display. You may have noticed that in many phones, when you see a picture or use more mobile it starts to affect the eyes, but it is not so in the retina display, the light emitted is much less affected.

Advantage of IPS Retina Display

Get better pixel density
It has better color combination available
Its light rarely affects the eyes

Disadvantage of IPS Retina Display

Retina displays are much more expensive than other displays
IPS LCD display consumes 15% more battery
Some applications and web pages do not work properly on retina displays, those apps or web pages are not optimized for retina display

OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes)

In OLED the phone's pixels were made one pixel for an LED, meaning that the pixels you turn on will only consume battery power, moreover, no backlight will be required for the entire screen. In this, the pixel will only be turned on when you want it, but if you want black you will not turn it on, then when there is no pixel there can be nothing more black than this. This means that the black screen seen in the OLED screen is completely black and does not have even a 1% gray shade. The contrast ratio is increased, the contrast ratio is measured from black to full white, so when the black color turns completely black and the white becomes completely bright, the contrast ratio is very good.

Advantage of OLED

Response time is better in this display
OLED displays are better than LCD displays
It consumes very little battery
It has a faster screen refresh rate

Disadvantage of OLED

In this display, the manufacturing cost is very high
They spoil easily by falling into the water
The life span of OLED is 5 to 25 years in white, Red and Green, and 2 years in Blue.


AMOLED display is an improved version of OLED display, in which pixels are interconnected, due to which better visualization, sharper image and reduced battery consumption are also considered, such display is better than LCD, TFT and OLED display.


The Super AMOLED is a better version of the AMOLED display, it has a sharper image, better picture quality as well as adequate battery consumption. Super AMOLED can be used more easily in sunlight than AMOLED or any other display.

Advantage of AMOLED and SUPER-AMOLED

These display functions are pixel by pixel.
Color production is quite good in this
This gives better contrast and better response time.

Disadvantage of AMOLED and SUPER-AMOLED

They deteriorate quickly with water.
It costs a lot more to build than any other display
In low brightness, it cannot be seen properly in sunlight


I think all displays are perfect, whether they are expensive or cheap. All the display people like it according to their needs. I hope that you guys will like the small details given on these mobile display types. And we have tried to explain it to you in easy language. Friends, if you like this information, then comment and give your opinion And if you want information related to any topic on our blog, then please comment and tell. Share the blog and subscribe as well. Thank you.

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