Under-Display Camera Technology Explained

Under display camera technology has been talked about for a long time, but so far no firm information has been revealed as to when the smartphone with under-display selfie camera will be launched or how long this technology can be seen in the market. But in the future, we will get to see this technology very soon as many companies are working on this project.

Under-Display Camera Technology Explained
Under-Display Camera Technology Explained

In June 2019, Oppo and Xiaomi shared a video of their under-display camera phone for the first time and showed how the under-display camera works.

The first video was shared by the Oppo company, in which Oppo revealed how the in-display camera is working through a prototype phone. And his camera was under the display, so he was not able to focus on the camera object.

Then after a few hours, a video is also shared by Xiaomi, and in that he pulled a selfie from the under-display camera to show how this camera is working and even that camera was getting face detection. Hence it was known that Xiaomi's under-display camera was outperforming than Oppo.

How Under-Display Camera Works?

So the under-display selfie camera works in such a way that the camera is behind the display which is the display of your phone. Now the camera which has been installed here, it is also necessary to have a lens so that the camera can focus.

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