How to get high speed WIFI?

Hello friends today we will talk about how you can increase your wifi speed if your wifi slows down, then Many times it may happen that the speed of WiFi in your phone is not getting enough, its frequency is very low, so how can this problem be fixed, today we talk about this topic will do. So you read this post completely so that you can get to know all the things that ultimately there is a reason for which your WiFi is giving such slow speed.

How to get high speed WIFI?
How to get high-speed WIFI?

So, friends, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that you have not put your router in a place where no signal comes out, this is the most common problem that people do not put their router in the right place His position is always in the wrong place in the house.

So, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to keep your router in a place where the signal comes in well, this is the most common problem that people do not put their router in the right place, it Many times you place them in the wrong place so that their signal becomes a week, then you have to pay attention that the higher your router is above the ground surface, the more you will benefit.

It often happens in our homes that network speed is not good in any room, then you have to check which place in the whole house the network speed is good. So that when you put the router at that place, the speed problem does not come again in your whole house.

Don't have things like iron and metal around the Router

No Metal nearby Router
No Metal nearby Router

And also keep in mind that you do not have to keep things like metal, iron around the router. Do not keep the router with all these things, otherwise, the wifi signal will be a little week.

You have to keep the router in a completely open space when its position is right then the connection will get good automatically. Otherwise, if you attach it to a concrete wall, there is a whole chance of connection week.

You know that the longer you stay away from the router, the longer the signal will be, then try to keep the router in such a place where the signal can reach the whole house and you do not have to work hard again and again.

There is also an important thing, if you want to get the fastest speed from your mobile phone at home and the rest use normal, then you just have to come to the settings of your router and in that, you get the option If you want to provide more speed to the device and which device you want to provide low speed, then by doing this you can also increase the speed in your device.


There is also a very big roll of interference, the first of which is the largest roll of a microwave oven, so if you have a router with 2.4 GHz then it is a very common frequency like microwave, Bluetooth. Due to such things, there can be interference between devices. But Bluetooth does not create that much interference problem.

If there is a light with decorations like LED stripes, then it can also interfere, so try to reduce the use of all these things and if you use the microwave, you will get a lot of interference, so you have to give the router such Place it where the problem of interference is not created.

neighbor stealing wifi

Apart from all these things, here are your neighbors who need internet for free, because everyone wants free things, then there can be interference in your WiFi speed due to your neighbor.

Or it could be that if you live in a building, then your neighbor's wifi signal interferes with your wifi signal, then in this condition you will definitely have speed problems. 

So friends in this condition there are some applications like wifi laser that you can install and select your router's channel, or you can operate your router in dual-band mode so that it runs at 5 GHz The congestion is low, the interference is low, however, the range will be low but the speed will be great.

Router Problem 

And the last problem is that it can be a problem in your router, so if you have taken a router connection from somewhere and your IPS has given you a very basic router, then it is possible that all the problems are happening from there. So you have to upgrade it or it may be that IPS is not giving speed from behind.

So friends, if you have a laptop/computer to check speed, then do speed check with LAN cable, then in such a situation you will not get any loss. And if you use WiFi, you will get a little bit slow speed. So friends, if you follow all these things, you can get good speed with WiFi.

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  2. I used to steal neighbour wifi password when Internet costs are high. His wifi limit will be reached in 3-4 in the beginning of the month and he had no idea what's wrong !

  3. Niharika Mishra andMay 14, 2020 at 2:16 AM

    Quite helpful and informative for a non-technical person as me.


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