NFC Explained in Detail with Uses

In this post, you will read about NFC. You must have heard about NFC or seen it on a moabile phone. So the question must have come in your mind that what is NFC, what is its use and how can you use NFC. In this post you will get all the information related to NFC, you read this post completely.

NFC Explained in Detail with Uses
NFC Explained in Detail with Uses

Friends, you will know how much NFC technology has grown and how much NFC is being used, from data sharing to purchasing, NFC is being used.

NFC - Near-field communication

NFC is a complete form of near-field communication and is a wireless service as it is known as it establishes a communication area around it that allows you to transfer data from one device to another. If NFC service is available on your phone, you can transfer and receive data to other devices

Nfc uses electromagnetic radio fields. If you have to transfer or receive data, then you have to keep another mobile with the mobile so that the phone can connect to each other. Data transfer speed in NFC will be from 106kbps to 424kbps, which will be the maximum speed.

For connecting NFC devices, its range is only from 3 cm to 5 cm. Antennas are required to connect any device, a similar antenna is also installed in your phone. This antenna helps in sharing your data, so your device also has an NFC antenna. You can see in this picture

Suppose you have activated an NFC device, now a communication zone will be set around that device automatically and as soon as that device has another NFC device, they will connect to each other, and then you can transfer any type of data, such as a picture song video, or you can share any kind of file.

NFC Devices have 3 Modes

  • Peer to peer
  • Read/write mode
  • Card emulator mode


peer to peer

Both NFC devices must be active in peer to peer mode, only then you will be able to share data from both sides otherwise this mode will not work.

read and write mode

In read and write mode, only one device has data transfer that is via an NFC tag, you can only store data in it and execute it in another device. You will read below how the NFC tag works

card emulator mode

In card emulator mode you can use the device as a credit card or debit card. Like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, all these payment options are very popular, so they all work only on NFC.

Like if you have gone for shopping in a mall and have a payment terminal many payment machines have NFC enabled, so if you do not have a debit card And if you have deposited the details of that debit card in your phone, then you simply choose the option of paying with that debit card. And then bring your phone to the payment terminal, your money will be deducted automatically. Then you do not need to swipe any card.

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What is an NFC tag?

NFC tag is a small chip inside which is a microchip that stores your data, you can store data from your phone in it and it has very little data store. Such as wifi password, contact number, or anything you want to store.

So an application comes for this, you can download it from here which is the trigger task launcher. Now with the help of this application, you can store data inside that chip. For example, suppose you have an NFC tag and have stored a wifi password in it and pasted it on the wall, now if a friend wants to use your wifi.

Then here he will not need to ask you password, he will turn on his phone's NFC, and his password will be filled and wifi will be connected automatically as soon as it is connected to that tag.        

NFC Bussiness Card

The NFC Bussiness card is a normal visiting card, but it is NFC enabled, there is an NFC chip inside that card. With his help, it happens that the information written on the card is useful for reading only, but as soon as a customer enables NFC in his phone and puts his phone near the business card, then all the information is visible in the customer's phone Starts giving.

In this business card, you can give more information about yourself, such as you can give a link on your social media, you can tell about your website, You can tell the customer all the things you don't want to tell other people. With this business card, you can protect your data, which only you know and your customer.


Purpose of NFC is Store contact, contactless payment, Read NFC Tag, and many area field that uses NFC technology.
so, friends, I hope you like this post and get great knowledge about NFC.

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