Contactless Visa Card

Friends, everyone knows about digital payments and almost everyone makes digital payments. Because digital payment is very easy, you will read in this post about some technology that will enhance the convenience of digital payment. In this, you will get to know what is a contactless visa card, and about how this card works and its security.  

contactless visa card
Contactless Visa Card

What is a Contactless visa card

This is a very fast and convenient way to pay, which means Tap to pay. If you compare it with cash payment then you will find a big difference. Consider this as an example, if you have gone to a mall, restaurant, petrol pump or you are in a coffee shop and you have bought something that is worth Rs 2346.66. Then you have to count money and you will also need open money. So you can think about how long this payment process can take. So it is very convenient for us to pay with contactless visa card in all these places.

You can consider it as a special type of card. The specialty of this card is that this card is available in all types of credit cards, debit cards, Visa cards, etc.

From the photo above you can check if you have this contactless card. If it is a WiFi symbol on your card, you will be able to pay anywhere very easily. With a contactless Visa card that can be paid in just 0.5 seconds, this payment is 7 times faster than all other payments such as chip payments or PIN verification payments. And if you do not have these cards, you can apply for this contactless visa card at your bank.

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How to pay with a contactless visa card

The process is very simple, if the amount is up to Rs 2000 only the card should be placed in the correct position at the terminal and the payment will be automatically deducted without the need for PIN verification or signature. If the amount is more than 2000, a PIN or signature verification will be required to deduct the payment.

How secure is the contactless visa card

  • This card has a very high layer of security.
  • It has a very advanced security system.
  • This card has an EMV technology chip. 
  • It has encrypted communication.
  • It has an ultra-short range of 4 cm.
If we understand it deeply, firstly it has a limit of 4 centimeters, then it has all the transactions safely authorized, and then another important thing is that there is no fear of missing the card because this card is always with you. Because if you see another card, if you are in a restaurant or you are at a petrol pump and you have given the cashier to swipe the card and you are in an emergency, you can forget your card, but This card stays with you, just you have to keep it near the payment terminal and the card will still be with you, you do not need to give this card to the cashier.

This card is highly encrypted because it creates a unique code for payment each time, which makes payment very secure, if a code is generated and payment is not made by that code, that code will be lost. And a new code is generated so that no fraud occurs.

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