Google Secret Apps

Every mobile phone user has many applications in his phone, which the user keeps installing in the phone according to his need. But today we will tell you about some advanced and secret apps of Google, which make many of your tasks easier and are of great use to you. 

Google Secret Apps
Google Secret Apps

By using these apps, you can easily do many of your tasks in less time. And it is also very easy to use these apps, because their user interface has been made quite simple and nice. Useful and secret apps from Google, which many mobile users do not know about, their list and their functions are mentioned below, and you can also download these apps by clicking on the direct links.

Google Lens

This Google lens app is developed by Google which is very cool and useful, through this app you can scan anything and get information about it.

Suppose if you want to buy any jewellery, clothes or any product, then you can scan it through this app and search on the internet, this app will show you the same or similar product in the result and you can buy it .With this app you can also scan barcode and QR code

If you do not know about something, then you can find out about it by taking a picture of it, like if you do not know about a flower, which flower it is, then you can find out about it by taking a picture of it. Are . And even you can do live translation of any language in your own language.

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