Why Transparent Smartphone Cover Turns Yellow

Whenever you buy a new smartphone, you get a transparent cover in the box of mobile and many people use it, but why does this transparent smartphone cover turn yellow over time. After all, why this white-colored smartphone cover turns yellow. When this cover turns yellow, can it be cleaned or not? And if you can clean then how to clean this transparent cover. So in this post, you will read why Transparent Smartphone Cover Turns Yellow.

Why Transparent Smartphone Cover Turns Yellow
Why Transparent Smartphone Cover Turns Yellow

Ultraviolet radiation & Heat

The transparent cover of any smartphone turns yellow after some time.
One reason for this is the sun's ultraviolet radiation and heat. You would all know that ultraviolet radiation from the sun comes out and absorbs the mobile cover. Apart from this, you may have also noticed that there is any kind of plastic in the outdoor or where there is direct sunlight and if there is any kind of plastic, then after some time its color starts to change slowly or fade a bit.

Not only this, but heat is also a big reason, due to which the color of the TPU case decreases and it becomes yellow. Also, whenever you use a smartphone on the road, it gets direct sunlight and it turns yellow over time.

Also, when you are playing games on a smartphone or you are using the smartphone heavily, the smartphone is heating up and the cover absorbs the heat coming out of it. And gradually all this heat is collected in one place, which turns the transparent cover yellow.

And when you put the smartphone in the cover and charge the phone, the case turns yellow due to the heat generated.

Put the phone anywhere

This is a very common cause. Normally, whenever you are using your phone, you keep it after using it, due to which scratches on the transparent cover and sand also freezes.

So many times you use the phone while eating, it also spreads the yellow color and makes the cover yellow or the sweat in the hands can also make the phone yellow. 

These are all very common reasons that no one pays much attention and over time the phone cover turns yellow.

Plastic absorbent sand

As you all friends know, in all plastic products, the dust gets clogged up very quickly, like if your smartphone cover is made of polycarbonate, you will have seen fingerprints on it very quickly and the dust also sticks too much. 

So due to these fingerprints and dust, the transparent cover quickly turns yellow.

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