Smartphone Cameras Full Detail

There was a time when our smartphone used to have only one camera, but in today's time, we are getting 1, 2, 3, 4 even 5 cameras in the smartphone. In smartphones, we find different camera lenses such as ultra-wide-angle, monochrome lenses, depth sensors, macro lenses, telephoto lenses.

Smartphone Cameras
Smartphone Cameras

What are these lenses used for, what are all these cameras used for in our smartphones, you have taken a phone with 4-5 cameras, but if you do not know what it is used for. So in this post, you will learn about all these camera lenses.

Types of Camera lenses in Smartphone

  • Ultra-wide-angle 
  • Monochrome lenses
  • Depth sensors
  • Macro lenses
  • Telephoto lenses 

Ultra-Wide Angle

From mid-range smartphones to flagship smartphones, you get to see this camera, this camera is very useful for us, we will understand this camera with a real-life example so that you know what a wide-angle lens is?

Suppose you have gone to someplace and you have 10 people with you, but when you take a photo in normal mode, not everyone is able to come together on camera, then you ask everyone to stay behind or you Go away a little bit.

So to overcome this problem an ultra-wide-angle camera is built so that you don't have any problem and you can sit in one place and take pictures of all 10 people simultaneously.

Monochrome lens

Not all smartphones have monochrome lenses. An improved black and white photograph can be captured with a monochrome lens, there is an RGB color difference between the monochrome lens and the primary camera.

The monochrome lens does not capture color but it only captures light. Whenever you use a monochrome lens, the phone's primary camera, and monochrome lens simultaneously click photos in which the primary camera photo and monochrome lens add light colors and take photos.

Details are also very good in photos taken with the primary camera and monochrome lenses, so you can capture old-fashioned photos. Apart from this, you do not see any noise in this photo.

Depth Sensor

The depth sensor is a very popular sensor. This sensor was found in dual-camera smartphones and this sensor is also found in quad-camera smartphones, in some smartphones you get a 2-megapixel sensor, and in some phones, you get a 5-megapixel sensor.

So what is a depth sensor, what is its use? In easy language, the depth sensor works to separate the object from the background. When you take a photo in Portrait mode you get to see the blur effect in it. Then the main lens which is the main camera, in one case it focuses on the object which is in the front.

And a depth sensor is one that takes a background picture, then the software used in the camera, which shows that we have to focus on the object and blur the background.

So all this is done with the help of a depth sensor, due to which the person in portrait mode gets focused due to the main camera, and due to the depth sensor, their entire background is blurred.

Macro lens

Macro Camera This camera is also found in many smartphones, this camera is not very useful for a normal user, it is a very useful camera for photographers.

This camera is used to take small objects, such as if you take a photo of an insect, you can use this camera. With the macro camera, you can take detailed photos of the smallest thing. Suppose if you want to take a picture of Ant, you want to see its picture in detail, then you can use a macro lens

Telephoto lens

A telephoto lens or camera is a very important camera. You can see this camera in mid-range and flagship smartphones. Understand telephoto lenses with real-life examples You must have seen in cricket that the cameraman is far away, he is standing on the boundary with the camera.

And from there it takes such a nice picture like when a batsman hits a shot, his body is rotating all over, yet the cameraman takes a picture of him with full detail, completely blurring the background. While the cameraman stands far away from the batsman, how does he take such a good photo?

So what does cameraman do to get such a detailed picture of a footballer or batsman from afar?

So the cameraman here uses the telephoto lens. The cameraman uses telephoto lenses to bring distant objects closer. It zooms the object and gives it full focus and then takes a photo, so you get to see the details in the photo.

In exactly the same way, you can use a telephoto lens on a smartphone. The more you have 2x optical zoom, 3x optical zoom, 5x optical zoom or whatever optical zoom is given in the smartphone's camera, the more you can zoom and take your photo.

If your phone has 5x optical zoom, you can use it to make the object larger as it will not break even the pixels of your photo and the image will also be drawn with very good detail.

And an important point is that the telephoto lens cannot capture the image in low light. In many phones, photos can be clicked in low light. In most phones, the telephoto lens in low light does not work if you take a photo with a telephoto lens in low light. If you try to take it, your camera will automatically turn into the main camera. And if you take a photo, you will still get to see a lot of noise, the picture quality will not be so tremendous.

That's why smartphones are smart. If you take a photo with a telephoto lens in low light, the phone automatically clicks the photo with 2X digital zooms and you feel that you took a photo in low light.

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