What is Linux ? Difference between Linux and Windows ?

what is Linux and what is the difference between Linux and Windows.
In this post, we will see  Linux have No Virus?

Difference between Linux and Windows
Difference between Linux and Windows

Friends, first of all, let me tell you whether it is Linux or Windows, it is very much the same, whatever is currently in your machine like Windows 7 or Windows 10 or any distribution of Linux like Ubuntu, Debian, Kali Linux If installed, friends, it is just an operating system. The question is, what is an operating system?

Friends, whenever you start your laptop or computer, then you open Google Chrome or open VLC player or open Corel Draw, then you feel that you have done a lot of work, but friends, that The only application that is performing a specific task for you, you can watch videos in VLC, in Google Chrome you can serve the Internet.
But there is a lot of work behind it because of which all those applications are able to work properly and all the work that they do behind is the operating system.

Friends, this means that the operating system handles your entire computer, whatever your hardware or software is, or how to use resources, how to provide applications, all the work an operating system handles.

If I talk to you about a very simple example, let's say that you are in a very big building and the employees who are working in their own different ways, then the employment that they have become the applications, Doing our own specific work

But how the whole building is going, whether there is light or not, whether there is water or not, whether there is any light source or whether a window is clean or not, or whether the floor is clean, or the canteen is open Is, the operating system does all this work.

Because of which applications, they do not have to worry about what is happening behind them, they keep doing their work directly and they provide operating system usage facilities whenever they want, now you would think that the operating system This is a very simple thing. The only easy thing is what is compiled inside.

Friends, how would you feel when I told you that in the old days, in the 1980s, when we first used to call computers as microcomputers, there was no operating system, that is, if someone has to write applications or you play a game. Used to be, at that time you had to write code by yourself.

Take that Particular game for your machine and in that case only then you will be able to play that game and the application you have written will do all the work that an operating system does and you cannot copy it to any other computer. Because the hardware is different, the code you have written will only work on your computer.

Friends, at that time a new operating system was developed which we named CPM and when IBM planned to get out its new laptop, IBM thought that it would acquire the CPM, which will run the CPM in all subsequent machines, but not Happened.

And at that time, friends, a man helped IBM by writing an operating system called DOS, and that guy was Bill Gates. Friends, and then later many types of Windows started coming from the DOS operating system and Bill Gates at one time Became the richest person in the world.

Now you are thinking that Windows is also right, I have been using it for a long time, I do all the work on Windows, it is very simple, in such a situation, where does this Linux operating system come from.

So, friends, some developers thought that Windows does not bind us, it means that it is not so open, so how good it is to create our own operating system which is completely open which we can run whenever we want. So that we can do whatever we want to do with our will.

So it was started with a single developer, after that a very big team was formed and everyone developed and developed Linux. So  Friends, Basically Linux is an operating system that helps your computer to run properly.

There you get to see the kernel which is a very special part of anyone operating system and the kernel which is simply a piece of software, whether the operating system is Windows or Mac OS or Android OS or Then be Linux, The kernel you get inside all operating systems and it is the kernel that connects your hardware and software like a bridge.

That is, suppose you are running an application and in that application you have to increase the volume of the speaker, then friends are the kernels that will provide the request to increase the volume of the speaker of that application.

Or some application needs some space in memory, or if the hardware works, then the kernel here acts as a bridge and allocates all those resources to take those particular applications.

Now the kernel that is here has a very big difference which is the kernel of Linux, it is the Monolithic kernel and hybrid kernel of Windows and Mac. But you believe that the kernel is the root and the complete application is above it, by creating a complete package, the system is presented to you in the form of an operating system.

The Linux kernel is friends, a variety of applications have been built on it, later we get to see different versions of Linux which are different distribution lists, whether it is Ubuntu, whether it is Kali Linux or Fedora, etc. This is available to you in different forms in the form of packages, you are famous in many ways from Windows, you can install different types of applications in Windows.

Whatever you want to do in your Windows machine, these friends are similar in a way, in the case of Linux, you will be able to work like Windows, but friends Linux, which you may think is a little difficult to use. The icon is crooked but there are many different versions available here.

Which are used in different scenarios and it is completely free? You do not have to pay any extra money which is Windows, it is very expansive. Apart from that, Linux which is compatible is very secure from Windows, but it is not. That is completely secure, but still more secure than Windows.

And you can run it on any machine you want, whether it is old or new, you can use it very easily on any machine. You must have often seen that when you purchase a new laptop, the laptops with Windows OS are very expensive, and the DOS OS are very cheap, So in such a situation, you can buy a dose laptop and install Ubuntu operating system on top of it, then you can fulfill all your needs, you may not get all those drivers, all of them may not get the support of hardware that you have in Windows It is seen, but still friends, Linux which is a very good dew, which you can install in your old laptop and make it very smooth.

Here is a list of Some Linux Distribution You Can Download it. 

Friends, I hope you like this post very much.

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