What is Kali Linux ?

Kali Linux Friends, in this post we will discuss Kali Linux because everyone wants to know about it and we must have heard about this kali Linux at some time. And you will also know that this can be used for pentesting, maybe if you are fond of hacking, can it come in your work, then today we will learn about it.

What is Kali Linux ?
What is Kali Linux?

Hey guys, if you don't know what Kali Linux is, let me tell you that Kali Linux is an operating system. Kali Linux is the only part of Linux that is very famous in Linux. Kali Linux is basically used for hacking. Black hat hackers, white hat hackers, and gray hat hackers use it.

Friends, if you use Windows XP or Windows 7, Windows 10, or you use MAC OS, Kali Linux is also an operating system. So friends, what is the problem here as if suppose you use an Operating system of Windows or you use ubuntu fedora and you want to do some pentresting test, then you cannot even guess how much code you have to do This will be very difficult for everyone, but if you use black Linux, then you get a lot of inbuilt tools in it, with the help of which you can test very easily.

Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution intended to perform advanced penetration testing and provide security to computers. Kali has a variety of tools that do their job in various ways such as if a hacker tries to hack your computer by creating some kind of virus, using Kali Linux you can protect your computer from viruses.

With kali Linux, we can do a lot of things like penetration testing, security research, virus prevention, computer forensics, reverse engineering, and more.

Kali Linux was developed by Mati Aharoni and Devon Cairns in 2013. It was maintained by Offensive Security, Which is an information security training company.

600+ penetration testing tools are available

In this distribution, we get to see more than 600 tools, after testing all the tools included in the backtrack, all the tools that were not useful or duplicate. Removed from the operating system by Offensive security.

You can see some important tools here

Nmap Hydra WPScan John the Ripper
BeEF Nessus Skipfish Burp suit Scanner
Snort sqlmap Yersiniya Metasploit Framework
Lynis Apktool Wireshark Autopsy Forensic Browser
Nikto Maltego King phisher Social Engineering Toolkit

Friends, you can use these tools to catch any kind of weaknesses in the system.

Free Support

Kali Linux is a completely free operating system, so you do not need to pay any money for it. You can download and run it very easily. Being free does not mean that you will not get any support. In this dew, you will get all kinds of support, in this, you will get time to time updates, patches and you will also get the latest security support.

Almost all the operating systems of Linux are available for free, you can use any operating system for free. So far there is only one distribution that is paid, which is Red Hat Linux.

Open Source

This operating system is absolutely open-source, you can make any changes on your behalf, this operating system can be fully customized, here all Linux operating systems are open source, you can run them by customizing them in your own way in your system.

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